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Don’t avoid the dentist! He can help you avoid some serious pain and health problems. Research has linked untreated dental issues to other health problems throughout the whole body. When small dental issues go undetected or untreated, they do not go away. They continue to progress and develop until they are large, painful, and expensive. Dr. Greg Carroll and the staff at InStyle Smiles are deeply committed to helping you avoid this outcome.

The best way to avoid the larger problems is to come in for regularly-scheduled exams. We can either prevent future problems or find the issues while they are small. If we find a small dental problem, we can lay out a plan to address it quickly, efficiently, and aggressively. Use this special offer for a $49 Exam and X-Ray at InStyle Smiles and get the preventive process started!

*New patients only


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What Others Are Saying

“Dr. Carroll does a great job of explaining the work he intends to do while offering his opinion on why he feels the work is necessary. Then all along the way he keeps you informed of what he is doing every step of the way so you always know what to expect, and that makes the whole process more comforting. I’ve been his patient for over 7 years now and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!”

Image of a woman smiling after visiting a Missouri City dentist.

“I was seen as a new patient after many bad experiences at my previous dentist of 10+ years. The staff was very kind and warm. They showed a genuine interest in the problems I was having. I had a procedure done and Dr. Carroll called after hours to check on me. Very happy I’ve switched to them.”

Daniel S.