Smile Makeover Consultation

A confident smile can go a long way in many situations. Whether it be at a job interview, a first date, a conference room presentation, or a high-school reunion, you will be much more at ease when you are not trying to hide broken, damaged, crooked, or decayed teeth. We live in a time where there are so many options available for you if you are looking to enhance your smile. Tremendous advancements in dental technology have opened up a wide array of possibilities.

Please contact us at InStyle Smiles for a FREE Smile Makeover Consultation and see what options are available for you. We can help you develop a master plan for a beautiful smile. We can help you find a solution that will meet your dental needs and your budget. Don’t wait! Contact us today! The whole world is waiting to see that beautiful smile.


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What Others Are Saying

“I was seen as a new patient after many bad experiences at my previous dentist of 10+ years. The staff was very kind and warm. They showed a genuine interest in the problems I was having. I had a procedure done and Dr. Carroll called after hours to check on me. Very happy I’ve switched to them.”

Daniel S.

“I recently went to Dr. Carroll’s office and it was a wonderful experience. I was in desperate need of a cleaning and checkup and it was a good experience. Heather cleaned my teeth and was very thorough and explained each step as she was doing it. I was nervous about going and I didn’t need to be. It ended up being a great experience and the staff was very helpful. I will not wait as long to go back after finding Dr. Carroll and his staff.”

Jan T.