Lumineers are super-thin, ceramic shells that are placed on the visible part of damaged or stained teeth. They can restore teeth to a natural look that will give you the confidence to smile brightly again!

Lumineers are thinner, and yet stronger, than veneers. LUMINEERS by Cerinate use a contact-lens-thin technology that produces a beautiful and strong smile without sacrificing your natural tooth structure. Lumineers provide several benefits over traditional veneers:

  • No Pain with – Since they don’t require shots or drilling of any kind, there is no pain involved in the treatment. Shots and drilling are eliminated because the ultra-thin Lumineers can be seamlessly applied over your existing teeth.
  • No Wires – In some situations, Lumineers can be a workable alternative to traditional braces, but without the dreaded wires and brackets.
  • Ultra-thin Design – Lumineers utilizes the Cerinate “contact-lens thin” technology. This makes them comfortable and natural looking.
  • Incredible Strength – Cerinate porcelain is known for its exceptional strength.
  • No Mess – Due to the application process and strength of the material, there is no micro-leakage and no micro-cracking.
  • No Extra Work – Existing crowns must be removed for the placement of traditional veneers, but Lumineers can be placed directly over those existing crowns.
  • Durability – Research has demonstrated that Lumineers can last for up to ten years.
  • No Drilling – Traditional veneers require drilling and the removal of some tooth structure before they can be applied. Lumineers can be placed directly on the existing tooth and no drilling is required whatsoever.

Lumineers are a completely pain free way to reshape or brighten your smile. They fit perfectly in your smile. Best of all, when your procedure is complete, there will be no discomfort.

Call Dr. Carroll and InStyle Smiles today and see how we can beautify your smile with Lumineers in only two office visits. Let Dr. Carroll work his cosmetic artistry and create a beautiful smile for you!