Sedation Dentistry

Simply speaking, sedation dentistry is designed to take the anxiety out of the equation when going to the dentist’s office!

Are you someone that gets nervous when you just think about sitting in the dentist’s chair? There are many patients in the same situation. Many patients get anxious no matter what dental procedure is going to be performed. Thankfully, you do not have to face these uneasy feelings without some help.

Dr. Carroll is not only an accomplished dentist, but he is highly trained to help relieve the anxiety and stress you feel about the dentist. Dr. Carroll has been told by many patients that he has helped them to overcome their fears because of his ability to do and say just the right thing. You will gain confidence because of his dental expertise.

Years of experience produces confidence – Dr. Carroll is experienced in the use of nitrous oxide for the purpose of sedation dentistry. He is officially trained and certified in this field. His “chairside manner” is gentle and professional. He knows how to interact with you so that you feel safe and relaxed before, during, and after any procedure that you may be facing.

We respect your time and your schedule – Dr. Carroll has developed an effective dental system based on 25+ years of experience. You receive the most skillful treatment in an efficient and relaxed environment. This relaxed environment will help relieve much anxiety so that you can kick back and relax.

We have an excellent team – Dr. Carroll has assembled around him a skilled and gracious team. A team that is organized and efficient will provide systematic and accurate care. The goal of our team is that you would not spend one more minute in that chair than is absolutely necessary.

Sedation Dentistry is Safe

Nitrous oxide is a common, safe, and harmless drug. We will safely monitor your intake of nitrous oxide during your appointment. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly after the procedure. During the treatment, the gas provides a feeling of well-being and will leave you feeling calm and relaxed while work is being performed.

Sedatives may aid the nervous patient in relaxing. They lower anxiety levels. Sedatives can be used in conjunction with anesthetics and analgesics. Sedatives of this nature may be administered before, during, or after dental treatments.