Six Month Smiles

If you instinctively reach to cover your mouth every time you smile, we would like to help you fix your teeth! At InStyle Smiles, Dr. Greg Carroll and his staff can offer the revolutionary process known as Six Month Smiles to straighten your teeth in an average treatment time of six months. The treatment utilizes invisible, clear braces and wires that are tooth colored to gently align your teeth.

Six Month Smiles has Several Clear Advantages

  • Six Month Smiles is usually much friendlier to your budget than other teeth-aligning treatments such as traditional wire braces, aligner therapy, or veneers.
  • Six Month Smiles has consistently demonstrated the most predictable final results.
  • Six Month Smiles are practically invisible because of the Lucid-Lok clear brackets and the tooth-colored wires that are used.
  • Six Month Smiles appointments are brief and comfortable due to the patient tray kits that are used.
  • Six Month Smiles provide improved comfort, safety, and hygiene due to the low force treatment and the shortened orthodontic treatment times.
  • Six Month Smiles can provide you with a brilliant new smile in a much shorter time than traditional braces. Treatment times are generally six months.

For many years, traditional wire braces have been the treatment most commonly used to produce straight teeth. The positive impact of braces has been undeniable. Six Month Smiles has taken those positive aspects and added some brilliant twists in order to provide a beautiful smile in a comparatively short treatment time for a budget-friendly price.