Teeth Whitening

White Teeth Make a Great First Impression

In most social and business situations, a beautiful smile can make a positive impression. From a first date, to a sales call, to a conference room presentation, to a high school reunion, the opportunities to share a brilliant smile are numerous. We live in a culture that places a high premium on aesthetics, so a white, natural looking smile provides a great boost in confidence. Whitening your teeth is a simple treatment to try first if you are desiring to improve your smile. You will gain a definite boldness in social and public interactions that will provide many benefits.

There are Teeth Whitening Options

If you have decided to pursue options for teeth whitening, there are a few to learn about. Dr. Greg Carroll and his staff are knowledgeable regarding each of the options and can help you determine the most effective choice for you.

  • Dental-assisted whitening – This is our top-recommended choice because of its two main benefits. This method includes professional assistance in the procedure. This method also provides immediate results. These quick results are exactly what many people need when needing to be a few shades whiter for an upcoming social engagement or an important job interview.
  • Teeth whitening gels and trays – These options do not cost as much, but they take longer to make any impacts. One reason that they do not produce results as quickly is that the whitening solutions they use are weaker than the solutions used in your dentist’s office. They also do not have as many tray sizes available, so the potential for discomfort for your mouth and gums is a bit higher.
  • Teeth whitening strips – These are simple to use and they are effective, but they will also take longer to produce the desired results.
  • Teeth whitening toothpaste – These are often advertised as teeth whitening, but they are essentially a polishing treatment.

Whichever method you choose, any active whitening agent is almost certainly going to be peroxide. This basically bleaches your teeth to a whiter shade. While the results are not permanent, they do produce a dazzling smile.

Teeth whitening is often a great cosmetic solution for a patient whose teeth have become discolored from natural aging, staining, or chemical damage (coffee, tea, smoking). The cost of these treatments will not strain most budgets, and the procedure is a wonderful first step towards any cosmetic improvement of your smile.

Dr. Greg Carroll uses a powerful whitening system known as the Sapphire Whitening System. The system makes use of the powerful Sapphire Plasma Arc Light in conjunction with a professional-grade teeth-whitening gel. This system has been used by 250,000 patients and is trusted by over 4,000 dentists who are currently using it. Call InStyle Smiles Dental today to learn more about teeth whitening or to make an appointment.