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Dr. Greg Carroll has been my terrific dentist for 26 years! I go for checkups every THREE months...a big shout out to my equally terrific friends in his practice...Peggy, Karen, Mary, EVERYONE!
Thomas J., FB
You cannot find another dentist who is more caring than Dr. Carroll! I've been his patient for the last 7 years and he makes me feel comfortable and calm during each of my visits. He explains exactly what he is doing each step of the way, I never feel rushed nor handed off to an assistant. His entire staff is always extremely friendly and knowledgeable and will discuss any of my concerns anytime. Dr. Carroll has even called me to check on me after business hours...who does that nowadays??? Only a concerned and gentle dentist! I recommend Dr. Carroll to everyone I can.
Pat, G+
I used to go Dr. Carroll but had to change because my wife started going to another dentist. I realized that I made a mistake because I have had a very good experience with Dr. Carroll. He added a bridge on my teeth and I am very satisfied with it. It has been on my teeth for almost seven years and is in very good condition. Of course I take good care of my teeth. Recently when I returned to Dr. Carroll, I was in pain as my other doctor had added a crown which had started giving me problems. Dr. Carroll prescribed antibiotics which cured my problem. I am happy now and would recommend to others to go to Dr. Carroll for their dental services.
Ravi S., G+
I was seen as a new patient after many bad experiences at my previous dentist of 10+ years. The staff was very kind and warm. They showed a genuine interest in the problems I was having. I had a procedure done and Dr. Carroll called after hours to check on me. Very happy I've switched to them.
Daniel S., G+
Dr. Carroll does a great job of explaining the work he intends to do while offering his opinion on why he feels the work is necessary. Then all along the way he keeps you informed of what he is doing every step of the way so you always know what to expect, and that makes the whole process more comforting. I've been his patient for over 7 years now and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else!”
Image of a woman smiling after visiting a Missouri City dentist.
Pat B., Yelp
I have been a patent of Dr. Carroll for 20+ years and have always found InStyle Smiles entire staff to be both pleasant and professional. In addition to normal family dental care, Dr. Carroll has recently provided a sleep appliance for my sleep apnea. I have not required TMJ or TMD treatment for jaw disorders, headaches, migraines, etc., but Dr. Carroll is well known for his knowledge and experience with Botox treatments. Very competent dentist and I highly recommend.
David P., G+
I recommend everyone looking for an amazing dentist and equally awesome staff to go here. They are gentle and thorough, make it relaxing as possible if you need a little extra work done, and are very personable.
Cassandra L., G+
It was wonderful going back to Dr. Carroll after a full eleven years! I left his practice for one reason and one reason only: He was not a provider on my United Health Care Plan. When my recent dentist retired, I tried a couple of other dentists who acted as if I was involved in a high pitch sales conversation - the most recent one told me I needed two new crowns and several teeth that had cavities. I take excellent care of my teeth and decided to give him a call. Sure enough, he takes my plan now. The staff are wonderful - Vicky, the receptionist has been there for a long period of time. I left today with the news that I needed no new dental work and that my gums were healthy. This dentist is NOT interested in just sales, Folks - he cares about his patients. A big thank you!
Sheri W., G+
My kids absolutely love their dentist, Dr. Carroll. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a local dentist in the Sienna area!
Julie N., FB
I can't thank Dr. Carroll & his staff enough they all took great care of me! He took all the fear away! So thankful I found him! My family has found an awesome dentist. God Bless!!!
Liz K., FB
Dr. Carroll has been my dentist since 1988 I will keep him until the good Lord decides to take me home, all his personnel are awesome ladies, outgoing & friendly love you guys.
Alicia M., FB
Love the staff at Dr. Carroll's office. My two boys love it there to!
Malia T., FB
I recently went to Dr. Carroll's office and it was a wonderful experience. I was in desperate need of a cleaning and checkup and it was a good experience. Heather cleaned my teeth and was very thorough and explained each step as she was doing it. I was nervous about going and I didn't need to be. It ended up being a great experience and the staff was very helpful. I will not wait as long to go back after finding Dr. Carroll and his staff.
Jan T., Yelp